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Resolution for New Education Policy 2015
27-Jun-2015 , 12:00 AM
To ensure timel......
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Surjit & Jonsan
04-Jun-2013 , 12:28 PM
To ensure timely arrival and departure of college teachers, the state government is all set install biometric attendance system in 16 govenment colleges in the first phase. The largest IT solution provider of the state X-treme Wave Solutions, STPI Mantripukhri will be the implementing agency of the project.
Launching programme: biometric attendance system for faculty staff
Hon''ble Minist......
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31-May-2013 , 05:07 PM
Hon''ble Minister,Education M. Okendro will officially launched the Biometric attendance system for faculty and staff of 17 Government Colleges under the Directorate of University & Higher Education Government of Manipur on 5th June., 2013 at D.M. College of Science, Imphal. With the introduction of GPRS Based Biometric Attendance System the login time of any staff will be monitored at the Directorate office on the real time basis.
Assessement and accreditation of the University and Affiliated Colleges
The National Po......
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26-Mar-2013 , 02:37 PM
The National Policy on education, 1986 and the Programme of Action, 1992 inter alia rcommended that: "excellence of institution of Higher Education is a function of many aspects: self-evaluation and self-improvement are important.If a mechanism is set up which will encourage self assessment in institutions and assessment and accreditation by a council. The Quality process, participation,acheivements, etc., will be constantly monitored and improved."
Post-Graduate and other Courses in Colleges.
The D.M. Colleg......
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26-Mar-2013 , 02:36 PM
The D.M. College of science also offers studies leading to the award of Master''s degree in sicence in Anthropology, Mathematics and Life Sciences (Botany and Zoology) The L.M.S. Law College and the Imphal Art College also offer LLM degree and the Bachelor''s Degree in Fime Art, respectively. The D.M College of Teaching education and the Hindi Teacher''s Training College are also offering B.Ed. or equivalent courses for in-service as well as pre-service trainees and M.ed course has been opened in the D.M. College of Teacher Education form the Academic Session 2005-06.
I.T. Education in government Colleges and Manipur University:
In order to mee......
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26-Mar-2013 , 01:00 PM
In order to meet the shortage of I.T. manpower in Manipur, this department has submitted a proposal to the NEC Seeking assistance towards introduction of I.T. Education Courses (BCA/B.Sc. computer Science/ PGDCA/M.Sc. Computer Science). The course are to be introduce in 19 Government Colleges. In response to this, NEC selected D.M. College of science for the first phase of the scheme a few years back. Moirang college and Thoubal College have opened B.Sc. Computer Science from the Session, 2008-09. B.B.A. course has been opened in D.M. College of Commerce from the academic session 2009-10
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About Us

The Department of University and Higher Education aims at strengthening of the existing colleges having both Graduate and Post –Graduate courses so as to achieve the rational objectives of the National Policy of Education, 1986. At present, out of 70 colleges/institution affiliated to /permitted by the Manipur university, the number of general, Law, Teacher Education— Manipur Institute of technology, DOEACC Centre, Government Polytechnic, Institute of co-operative Management and regional Institute of Medical Science. The break –up of the said 67 colleges is as follows.

  1. Government: 28 (General-25, Law-1 and Teacher Education-2)
  2. Government : 89 ( including Imphal Art College)
  3. Private : 31

The above figures also include 2 Government Post-Graduate Colleges (1 for Science and another for Law), 6 girls (2 Government and 4 urban, rural and topographically isolated hill areas of the state.

It is at the stage of higher education that our human resources, the so called human capital, required for socio-economic development of the country are nurtured and groomed in such a way that they are prepared and ready to face the challenges of the modern day era of globalization.
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